One Step Closer to my Future Career by Harishna Hariharan

Harishna Hariharan was a volunteer at Woburn’s P.S.’s Leap Camp 2014, funded by the Leacock Foundation. Harishna is a former student at Woburn Jr, and attended Leap Camp when she was a student as well. She wanted to give back to the camp so decided to volunteer. In the future, she plans to become an […]

Leadership Lessons from Leap Camp 2014 by Lisaani Thangavadivelu

Lisaani Thangavadivelu is a 3rd year student at York University, majoring in Sociology. She spent the month of July working at Leacock’s Leap Into Literacy Derrydown P.S. summer camp as a teacher’s assistant and camp counselor.   During the month of July, I was given a great opportunity to be able to work at the […]

My Experience at Get Ahead by Lara Snucins

Lara Snucins travelled to the Get Ahead Project (QGAP) school in Queenstown in 2006, along with 8 other students and 3 teachers from Branksome Hall. She graduated from Queen’s University in 2011 before going on to complete her Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto. She is currently employed as a teacher, and considers […]