Holiday Party

Hosting a holiday or new year party? Rather than having your guests bring a gift or wine, suggest they make a donation to the Leacock Foundation! Your guests will receive an official tax receipt for their contribution and can choose to direct their donation to programs for youth in Toronto or Queenstown, South Africa.

Donations can be made online Here or cheques can be made payable to the Leacock Foundation and mailed to:

The Leacock Foundation
2323 Yonge. St. Suite 301
Toronto, ON M4P 2C9

We would love to hear about your party! Please send photos to or tweet @Leacock_Fdn

Below, please find information and videos that you can share with your guests to let them know about the Leacock Foundation and how their support makes a difference.

What We Do: The Leacock Foundation provides needs-based literacy and leadership programming enhanced by technology, to high-needs communities in Toronto and in South Africa. Through a unique partnership called the Triange of Hope, we work with and connect these communities to provide enriched opportunities for young people, so that they can unlock their potential and create a positive future.

Thank You Video from South Africa: 

The Leacock Foundation’s Triangle of Hope Partnership Model: