LEAPing into Leap Camp 2015

Written by: Alex Whang

Alex is a Grade 12 student and Leap Into Literacy’s official social media intern for summer 2015. A previous volunteer at the Branksome Hall/Rose Avenue campus for two years, she is excited to be taking on this new role. 

Yesterday marked the first day of Leap Into Literacy 2015. Leap camp has been offering literacy support and recreation to students from Derrydown Public School, Woburn Public School, and Rose Avenue Public School for over a decade. Year after year, Leap offers an enriching, gratifying experience for students, teachers, and volunteers involved in the camp.

For campers, Leap is a place to not only improve their reading and writing skills, but a place to create meaningful relationships and embark on a variety of exciting field trips. At Derrydown Public School, we asked campers what they were most excited for about camp. Many campers were enthusiastic about using technology such as iPads, while others were excited about their upcoming field trips to Albion Hills conservation area, the Yorkwoods library, and the Kortright Centre. Above all, they unanimously concluded that they were most excited for escaping the summer heat and taking a swim at Havergal College’s pool.

Students at Derrydown Public School enjoying their recess!

Students at Derrydown Public School enjoying their recess.

For teachers, Leap Into Literacy is a place where they’re able to witness the academic and personal growth of each student. At Derrydown, we asked the teachers what they were most looking forward to about camp and their responses indicated how dedicated and caring the teachers at Leap truly are. One teacher said she was most looking forward to watching the children spend their days learning and having fun. She also described Leap as “a place where the students can both socialize and learn.” Most importantly, she says her favourite part of Leap is teaching literacy to her class and preparing her students for the school year ahead.

For volunteers, Leap is a place to engage with students and learn many valuable skills. As a volunteer at Leap for the past two years, I experienced first hand the many skills needed for this role. Not only are you responsible for fulfilling your duties (eg. supervising the students, offering literacy help, and collaborating with other volunteers) but one learns the value of teamwork and cooperation in achieving a common goal- ensuring the students are having a safe, enjoyable time at camp. A volunteer at the Branksome campus said, “I’m looking forward to getting to know the students better and creating lasting relationships with everyone in my class.”

This summer, there are so many exciting events and activities planned for our students at Leap. To stay up to date with everything at Leap camp and the Leacock Foundation, visit our official social medias:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leacock_fdn and https://twitter.com/LeapCamp2015

Instagram: @Leacock_Fdn

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Stay tuned and have a great week!



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