Technology can facilitate affordable access to international education


When Get Ahead College was built in 2007, the classrooms were equipped with technology. Gradually, over the past five years, different components of technology have been added to enhance learning for Get Ahead students and teachers.  At present, every classroom from Grades 4 to 12, at all three campuses is equipped with at least one computer, an LCD projector and screen, and most recently edu-boards. This has opened the opportunity for Get Ahead educators to transform teaching and interactive learning.

Internet Access

Internet is also accessible at all three campuses, allowing students to do independent research, receive updated information on global issues and events, and really take the lead on their own learning. It also allows teachers to access increased amounts of teaching tools and further their own education and learning.


More recently, e-readers have been introduced to all three campuses. The introduction of this technology has had a huge impact at Get Ahead, because not one of the campuses has a library. Printed books are hard to come by and often expensive throughout South Africa. Having e-readers at all three campuses allows students to access a wide variety of books and novels, and within a year, has started to create a culture of reading. Reading for fun has caught on so well at the Get Ahead College, a Nal’ibali Book Club has been established and engages over 25 students. In the Xhosa language, ‘Nal’ibali’ means ‘it starts with a story’.

Students of all ages are able to access local and international books, all thanks to e-readers

Students are able to access local and international books on an e-reader

We look forward to continuing to be able to expand access to technology and virtual learning for students at all three Get Ahead Project campuses in South Africa.