FAQ – Sponsorship Program

How are GAP students selected for sponsorship?

GAP students and their families fill out application forms for sponsorship.  They must be able to demonstrate a financial need (unemployment, illness in the family, single parent households, etc.). A review of the learner’s academic and behavioural standing is also provided by their GAP teacher. Administrators at all 3 GAP campuses compile applications and Leacock’s Sponsorship Committee reviews them. At this point, we look for donors like you to support the students in-need.

Do I provide the cost of all school fees and books if I become a sponsor?

Not necessarily. Students can apply for full or partial sponsorship. A full sponsorship is required when circumstances hinder parents from being able to provide the money for their children’s education. A partial sponsorship is a partnership with the student’s parents to help them provide quality education for their children.

How much do we know about the students presented for sponsorship?

Information about each child’s background and circumstances are gathered and shared with potential sponsors. They, and their situations, are well known to the GAP School administrators. Sometimes, but not always, students presented to us lack support networks at home, or are academically weak.  It is important to note here that they are presented for sponsorship not only because they need financial support, but because a GAP education may be their best opportunity to overcome challenging circumstances and succeed in life.

How many children are presently sponsored at the GAP School?

50 children are currently sponsored at the GAP school.

What is included in my sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship includes the cost of tuition, textbooks, e-readers (for high school students), and computer fees. If you choose to do a partial sponsorship you are covering half of these costs and the parents are contributing the rest.

How much of my sponsorship donation is allocated to Leacock’s administrative expenses?


What does sponsorship cost?

Full sponsorship:

Reception to Grade 6………………………………. $ 1,200 CAD / year

Grade 7 to 8 ……………………………………………. $ 1,400 CAD / year

Grade 9 to 12 ………………………………………….. $ 1,800 CAD / year

Partial Sponsorship

Reception to Grade 6……………………………… $ 600 CAD / year

Grade 7 to 8 …………………………………………… $ 700 CAD / year

Grade 9 to 12 …………………………………………. $ 800 CAD / year

When is my sponsorship donation due?

The South African academic school year is based on the annual calendar: school starts in January and ends in early December.  While we can accept your donation anytime during the year, we require the full sponsorship sum prior to the new academic year, by December at the latest.

How is the money sent to South Africa?

The Leacock Foundation collects sponsorship donations, and wires them directly to the GAP School via MacCallums Inc., our law firm located in Cape Town, South Africa.

How many years will my sponsorship last?

Theoretically, your commitment to your sponsored child could last until he or she graduates from the GAP school in Grade 12 but you will be contacted every year in December for renewal.

What if I need to discontinue my sponsorship?

If circumstances dictate that a sponsor can no longer support a GAP student, The Leacock Foundation will provide for that student’s costs until another sponsor can be assigned, via our Bridging Fund.  We accept responsibility for securing another sponsor for that child.

What happens if my sponsored child leaves the GAP School?

This does occur from time to time. We cannot accept responsibility for the education expenses of students who transfer to another school, and hope that you will consider transferring your sponsorship to another child in-need attending GAP.

What is the Bridging Fund?

This Fund was established in 2004 by Dr. Wendy Dobson, a Leacock Foundation Board Member, and provides short-term support for children at risk of being withdrawn from the GAP school for financial reasons.

Can I contact my sponsored child?

Letter writing between students and sponsors is encouraged and supported by the Leacock Foundation and the GAP School. Leacock staff will coordinate sharing emails between you and your sponsored child with our staff in South Africa. If you wish to mail a letter or card, we can coordinate that as well.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

We do not advise sending large expensive gifts, but flat packages containing warm hats and mittens, small gifts, books or other school materials are always welcome by the students and their families.

What kind of reports about my sponsored student can I expect to receive?

As a sponsor, you can expect to receive letters, report cards and updates on your student’s progress at least twice annually.

How much information about me and my family is given to the sponsored child?

We give only your name to the administration at the Get Ahead Project School.  Any other information that you choose to share with the family is up to you.

Who oversees Leacock’s sponsorship program?

In Canada, the Leacock Foundation oversees the entire sponsorship program in collaboration with our Leacock Foundation liaison in South Africa.

What is a partial sponsorship?

A partial sponsorship is ideal for a student whose family need a bit of extra help. Often the children on partial sponsorship come from large families or have experienced some temporary problems such as family illness.

What if I want to support this program but cannot afford a full or partial sponsorship?

You can make a  general donation to and direct it towards our South AFrica Programs. Click here to make a general donation.

Will my sponsorship donation receive a tax receipt?

Yes, you will get a tax receipt for 100% of your donation.

Do you have more questions or would simply like to discuss sponsorship? Please contact the Leacock office at 416.489.9309

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