Get Ahead College Nal’ibali Book Club

In the Xhosa language, Nal’ibali means “it starts with a story”. This term is used as a national campaign slogan by the Nal’ibali Foundation, an organization existing to promote a culture of reading across the entire country of South Africa. In May 2013, Leacock volunteer Maureen Cassidy, founded the Nal’ibali Book Club at Get Ahead […]

Unlocking Potential

Written by: Abukar Hassan Abukar Hassan is a recent university graduate and certified teacher. He grew up attending Derrydown P.S. in Toronto, one of Leacock’s Triangle of Hope partner schools, and has been involved with the Leacock Foundation’s programs for years in the Keele and Finch community, first as a volunteer, and now as a […]