Inspiration at The Get Ahead Project

Written by: Ilma Roux Ilma Roux worked for The Leacock Foundation in 2014, as the Marketing Manager based out of Queenstown, South Africa. She contributed many great things to Get Ahead and to Leacock, and wrote this wonderful, reflective blog post about the inspiration she felt while there.  Early morning and a weak African sun breaks through […]

21st Annual Leacock Golf Tournament, Dinner, & Auction

This past Monday September, 15, 2014, the Leacock Foundation, spearheaded by a fantastic Committee and generously supported by sponsors and partners, held its 21st Annual Golf Tournament, Dinner, and Auction, at Granite Golf Club and Auberge du Pommier. The day was a huge success, with 100+ Leacock members, guests, and partners participating in an effort […]

Children Around the World

Written by: Whitney Miller Whitney Miller is in Grade 12 and her role at Leap Camp this past summer was as a volunteer, helping out in one of the classes. She discovered Leap through her involvement with the Leacock Foundation and her previous volunteering at Rose Avenue’s Reading Buddies program and Saturday Club. “Children Around […]