Triangle of Hope

The Triangle of Hope: Unlocking Potential Through Literacy and Leadership Opportunities

Through the Triangle of Hope partnership model, the Leacock Foundation partners with communities and youth in Toronto and South Africa to provide extra-curricular opportunities that meet needs and provide unique and enriched educational opportunities. 


The Triangle of Hope model connects three communities in a mutually beneficial partnership to work together to facilitate extra-curricular literacy and leadership opportunities for youth:

School partners seek opportunities to unite their communities on a local and global level by participating in various literacy and leadership-focused programs facilitated and funded by the Leacock Foundation. The Leacock Foundation provides all program funding and coordination, and establishes partnerships with other community organizations and businesses, to facilitate quality curriculums, utilize local spaces and infrastructure for program functioning. The schools and communities provide teachers, learners, volunteers, facilities, and other resources for the Triangle of Hope programs to be successful.








Meeting the Need

The Leacock Foundation is a needs-based organization and thus the Triangle of Hope model works to address the educational priorities of youth in need while creating opportunities for other youth to contribute positively.

Our philosophy is to give a hand up, not a hand out.

Our programs run in township communities in South Africa’s poorest province, the Eastern Cape. In Toronto, our programs run in underserved communities with higher rates of child poverty and unemployment: Scarborough, St. James Town, the Keele/Finch community, and the urban Aboriginal community.

The Leacock Foundation is the funding catalyst for schools to create meaningful opportunities for youth to stay engaged after-school by learning, sharing, participating, and volunteering, with the ultimate goal of fostering collaborative, pro-active learning communities.